Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love this time of year! I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the Christmas music, but I couldn’t wait this year!

I finished up my foundation pages for the December Daily album prior to December 1st…amazing!!

IMG_1867, edit

We usually wait until 2-3 weeks before Christmas to get our Christmas tree, but once again….I just couldn’t wait!


I also decided to do the “Christmas Book Advent” this year. I wrapped up all of our Christmas books…

book advent

…and numbered them 1-20.


In addition to the Christmas books that we already had, I also added in a couple of new ones to surprise the girls. They received Jingle and his first book last year for Christmas. He has a new book this year and it is waiting for them in the bucket! Shhh…

We also have a new addition to our Christmas fun this year! The “Elf on the Shelf” has been around for years…I think since the 1960’s…but it has definitely made a big comeback over the last couple of years. Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to join in on the fun this year.


Introducing…. “Noodle”….


I didn’t want to same elf that everyone has. I know…I am a little too picky about things like this. Have you seen the “Elf on the Shelf’s” lack of feet?? His legs just end at a point…weird! I looked everywhere for an elf that would work and just couldn’t find one! I even looked on Etsy! I found a tutorial I liked and had finally decided to just make my own, but I knew that it wouldn’t be finished this year. Then, the clouds parted and the angels sang…ok, maybe I am exaggerating…my daughter and I randomly came across one a couple weeks before Thanksgiving when we stopped in at the Navy Exchange. Score!! He even has little magnets in his hands and feet!

The girls originally chose “Jingle” as the name of the elf, but then we remembered that we had “Jingle” the dog. When my 3 year old tries to say “Rudolph”, it sounds like “Noodle” (I know, it’s strange! ha!)…we all thought it was pretty funny. That’s how our elf got his name! I’ll share some of the trouble he has been getting to getting into in a separate post.

We also have the typical “chocolate candy” Advent calendars for the girls.

How are you counting down the days until Christmas?

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