Friday, November 11, 2011

Our “Tangled” Birthday Party

I just realized that this post has been sitting here as a draft and I never posted it…oops!

I don’t know about you, but we are HUGE fans of the movie Tangled in this house! We were so excited when we won tickets to the advance 3D screening the weekend before it came out! I was just as excited as my 6 year old and loved every minute of the movie!


It was from that point on that my daughter decided that she wanted a Tangled theme for her party…and I was definitely OK with that! Since the movie was fairly new, there weren’t too many ideas out there in the blogosphere, but I managed to find a couple fantastic ones! There are SO MANY more ideas out there now though…just do a quick search on Pinterest!

I loved this idea for party favors….so fun and easy!

IMG_9499, edit

My girls are both huge fans of Pascal in the movie so they loved these! There is a free template on the Disney family site

We also added a large braid of hair on the front door, but I somehow managed to not get a picture of it. It was similar to this one though:



Now for the cake…

I liked the idea of this tower using cupcakes,


but I wanted it a little more substantial, so…I used ramekins instead. Jessica, from Life as Mom, used small cheesecake pans so I followed her design.

IMG_9493, edit

As you can see, I baked 6 small cakes in ramekins, but 1 of them didn’t survive being removed from the ramekin. I placed them all on top of an 8x8 section of cake:

IMG_9494, edit

After freezing the cake and adding the crumb layer of frosting, it was time to decorate the cake. I froze each section individually and then frosted between each layer too. Now…as I have mentioned in the past, I do not claim to be a cake decorator at all!! I just enjoy making the cakes for my girls’ birthdays.

I let my daughter pick out the color for the tower and she chose purple with a pink cone. My husband was in charge of dipping the cone on the top in the candy melts. It didn’t quite come out as pink as we thought it would, but it worked.

IMG_9522, edit

We picked up the Tangled figurine set from the Disney store as an early birthday present for my daughter and used Flynn and Pascal as part of the cake décor!

Thanks to Jessica’s advice, I found some candy rocks to add to the base and added some fun vines going up the side of the tower.

My favorite part of the cake was Rapunzel’s braid hanging down the side of the tower! I got the idea from this adorable invitation:



In hindsight, I should have darkened in the window where her braid was coming from. Regardless of cake decorating skills that I lack, it was a hit with my 6 year old and that is all that matters to me!

IMG_9526, edit

We only have a big party every other year for my girls’ birthdays and this was the low-key year. It was just our family and one other family. Next year will be her big party and she is already making plans!

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