Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days—Re-evaluating Expectations

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Close your eyes.

Imagine a Peaceful Home.

What does it look like to you?

For me, it is definitely not about perfection. I don’t need to have an immaculate home to feel peace in it!

In fact, I think that we can all find more peace in our homes by freeing ourselves from the expectations that we place on ourselves.


We see other women in our lives who seem to have it all pulled together. We then compare ourselves and our homes/lives to them and wonder why we can’t have it all pulled together. Don’t be fooled…you have no idea what is going on in the other women’s lives. They may have a clean house but be struggling financially…or struggling with a relationship.

Instead of making “keeping up with the other women” the purpose behind what you do in your home…develop your own purpose! Do it for yourself…and your family…rather than other people outside of your home.

I don’t want my girls to see me complaining as I sweep the floor for the fifteenth time that day (trust me…I am guilty of complaining about it to them…so I plan to work on it). I’ve decided that one of my purposes behind what I do is to lead by example. I’ll be sharing some of my other purposes as I go through this series.

Christin from Joyful Mothering basically took the thoughts right out of my head when she posted about developing her purpose and being intentional about creating an atmosphere of peace.

So…I plan to focus on my purpose rather than doing it to keep up with someone else. I also plan to refer back frequently to the picture in my head of my version of a peaceful home! Like I mentioned above, I will not be focusing on perfection. There will always be laundry to sort/wash/fold/put away…


{My daughter folded her clothes, but now they need to be put away}

…there will always be dishes to wash…


…there will always be toys on the floor somewhere…


…and there will always…always be something on the floor to sweep up! I’m OK with that…as long as there is order to what is going on.

I tend to get overwhelmed with things pretty easily. For me, and probably for everyone, clutter causes stress. Throughout this series, I will be sharing how I am creating a peaceful home. I will be sharing systems that have been successful for me for a while along with systems/goals that are new to me. This will be a journey for me to change the way I do things to create a peaceful home for me and my family!

I looked up the definition to “peace”. My favorite part of the definition was “a state of harmony.” That is my goal for my home…a place of calm to escape the chaos of life.

So…what is your picture of a peaceful home? Have you made a “mission statement” for your home? I would love for you to share it!

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