Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days: Smooth Morning Routines

I am writing this post today because of the fact that we had anything BUT a smooth morning yesterday. Weekday mornings usually go pretty smoothly so I definitely notice it when they don’t. Yesterday morning was not even close to my goal of having a peaceful home!

Here are some examples of what NOT to do:

  1. Do not forget to wash out the bento-style lunch box the night before!
  2. Do not forget to look ahead at what lunch is planned for the next day before you go to bed!
  3. Do not forget to set your daughter’s school clothes out the night before!
  4. Do not decide to snooze your alarm so many times that your first grader misses the bus and you have to drive her to school.
  5. Do not forget to put all folders and school necessities in your daughter’s backpack the night before.

Are you getting a sense of what my morning was like?? I guess I needed a good reminder of why I do the things that I do to prepare for each morning.

I will be sharing my entire meal planning process next week, but I will take a few minutes to touch on how meal planning affects school lunches.


One of the most important things to me right now is making sure that my girls develop healthy eating habits. I will share more about the type of lunches that I send with my first grader next week as well. I try to look at my menu plan to see what lunch is planned for the following day. I will complete any prep work that can be done the night before…cut carrots, wash grapes, put drink in the fridge, etc… At this point, I don’t find it necessary to make sandwiches the night before. Some people make sandwiches the night before and other people even make a week’s worth of sandwiches and freeze them. These people usually have more kids in school than I do though.

In addition to finishing up lunch prep the night before, I also try to lay out my daughter’s school clothes, make sure everything is in her backpack, set out the vitamins as a reminder to give them to the girls the next morning (This isn’t usually a problem thought since both of them love taking their vitamins. My 3 year old tries to convince me that I didn’t giver hers to her in the morning so that she can have more.), and make sure that everything is ready for any errands I have to run the next day.

IMG_1178, edit

My daughter knows that there is no watching TV on school mornings and pretty much knows what is expected of her in order to get ready for school. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to remind her to stay on track with getting ready…it wouldn’t be a normal day if she didn’t get distracted with something every step of the way!

For the most part, this school year has gone pretty smoothly if I just take these small steps each evening. It really doesn’t take that long at all! A rushed morning definitely sets a bad tone for the rest of the day!

What steps do you take to make sure that your morning/day runs smoothly?

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