Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days: Clear the Air in Your Home Part 1

The weather here in Virginia Beach has been GORGEOUS for the past couple of weeks! I love this weather because I can turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. I don’t know what it is about opening the windows, but it always makes me want to clean and declutter!



This year, one of the first things that I cleaned after I opened the windows was the window screens. I usually hose off the window screens every couple of months or so and then wash the exterior of the windows, but this time I wanted to make sure I did a really thorough cleaning.

Every spring, we experience the “annual pollen event”…


A fine layer of greenish yellow pollen covers everything! When the windows of my house are opened, the breeze from the outside will blow any remaining pollen and dust off of the screen and into my house. I wanted to prevent any additional allergens from entering our house so I took down every single screen on both levels of our house and laid them out in the yard…

IMG_1186, edit

I filled a bucket with some water and Basic H2

IMG_0907, edit

IMG_1188, edit

It probably only took me about 30 minutes to wash all of the screens. I washed the tracks as well as the actual screen material. There was quite a bit of build up on the tracks of the screens.

IMG_1187, edit

It was great to know that it was no longer blowing into my house whenever I had the windows open!

I also washed out the tracks on the actual window frames as well as the screens before putting the screens back onto the windows.

Another important step in clearing the air in your house is to make sure that you air intake filters are changed frequently. I am usually pretty good about replacing the filters every couple of months as needed, but I hadn’t changed the current ones since June! Yikes! I like to change both air filters in our home at the same time. I purchased one for the upstairs, but they were sold out of the size I needed for the downstairs. I just kept forgetting to buy one for downstairs. Ugh!

IMG_1254, edit

I know…gross!

Every time I replace the filter, I write the date on the edge in order to keep track of how long it has been in there.

IMG_1256, edit

I also have a post-it tab that I put in my planner to remind me to check the air filter each month.

IMG_1267, edit

(This last time, I just kept moving the tab a week forward every time I came across it thinking that I would go out and buy an air filter that week…oops!)

Poor home air quality can aggravate allergies and asthma, particularly children’s allergies. Change your filter for your family’s health. Changing your filter when needed also extends the life of your HVAC system and reduces your energy bill!

Another way to keep the air in your home clean, is to use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter on it. I just ordered a new one for my vacuum.


It definitely feels more peaceful in my home when I know the air is cleaner.

What other techniques do you use to breathe easier in your home?

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