Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days: 5 Steps to Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

The first day of October was fabulous here! The temperature here in Virginia Beach was mid-60’s…love it! I had my windows open and even made some homemade roasted tomato soup for dinner. I’ll be sharing that recipe soon!

Here we are on Day #2. Sundays are usually pretty low-key for us…and that is what I am planning for the Sundays during this series. This morning I would like to share an article that was in this month’s Working Mother magazine. I mentioned yesterday that I get overwhelmed easily. Here are 5 steps to take when you feel overwhelmed:

{When you Feel Overwhelmed}

1. Make a List: I am definitely a list maker. I love the satisfaction of crossing something off of my list. It keeps me motivated to move on to the next item.


2. Ask Yourself: “What matters most?” According to Working Mother, “Set priorities based on importance and urgency—what needs to happen today, what can be done next week and what can be put off indefinitely?” Make sure that you don’t put too many things on your list…keep it realistic for the time frame!

3. Focus: Give 100% to whatever task you are working on. I also tend to get sidetracked easily. I may be in the middle of folding laundry in the living room when I glance up at the ceiling fan and realize it needs to be dusted. While dusting the fan (with the clothes still unfolded), I may see the mirror in my living room and realize that it needs to be cleaned. Give the task at hand your full attention and you will quickly move through the items on your list!


4. Set Time Limits: Allow yourself a certain amount of time to work on a task. For instance, go around the house for 20 minutes and clear the clutter and relocate items to their proper rooms. Set a timer and move to the next task when your time is up.


5. Just Say No: Do you have trouble saying “no” to people? Is your schedule full of playdates that you would rather not be participating in? Learn to set your priorities and pick and choose which activities you will do each week in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed in the first place!


Pretty simple steps, but I’ll admit that I fall short on some of these suggestions pretty frequently. Focusing on the task at hand is probably the hardest one for me.

What is your weakness when it comes to feeling overwhelmed?

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