Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How We Clean Our Grill

I’m sure my husband will quickly disagree with the use of the word “our” in the title of this post, but since I helped him clean it, I will be using the word “our” for this situation!

We recently purchased a “new-to-us” stainless steel grill. It was actually part of our “Hurricane Irene preparations”. Ha! You see…our other grill had bit the dust after 7 years of faithful service. We were anticipating a power outage after the storm and needed a reliable way to cook our meals. So my husband, the “Craigslist Master”, went to work finding a new grill for us!


As you can see, it definitely needed a little cleaning up…but it works perfectly!

So, my husband pulled out his “go-to polishing product” and went to work. He scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed…

I decided to help him out…so I brought out my “go-to polishing product”, Scour Off. He was barely making any progress so I demonstrated how Scour Off works! Then I decided to make it a competition (we are a little competitive.) This is what the doors looked like before we started…


Here’s a closer look…


Those stains have been there for a while!!

I took the left side and he took the right side. I was already smiling because I knew that Scour Off was about to blow his cleaner completely out of the water!!

It only took me a couple of minutes (if even that!) to finish up the left side. At that point, he wasn’t even halfway done with the right side…and the part he had finished didn’t look near as shiny and new as the left side!!

The results…


…a clear victory for Scour Off!!

My job (in proving my product superior) was done so I went back inside the house.

When I looked outside, this is what I saw…


His “go-to product” was now sitting neglected and off to the side, and he was now using Scour Off!


Looks like Scour Off gets the “Husband’s Seal of Approval!”

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