Monday, August 15, 2011

HUGE Shaklee Announcements!!

Sorry I have been MIA! I took an unplanned blogging vacation for the past couple of months. Our family went on a 2 week cross-country road trip to Colorado for a family reunion in July. We stayed in Keystone and woke up to this view every morning…

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Since then, I have been taking some time to enjoy summer break with my girls. They will be starting school in just a few short weeks so we have been trying to fit in as many activities as we can before school starts!

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Needless to say, I have lots and lots of posts to get caught up on. Even though I have been on a blogging vacation, I have still been busy with quite a few projects!

Now, on to some of the big announcements…

This past week was a very important one for Shaklee. Shaklee distributors gathered together in Washington DC for Shaklee’s Global Conference! I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. I was able to watch some videos from the conference as well as stay updated on some of the announcements coming out at the conference.


First up…

Shaklee is now offering a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (and 15% off of all future Shaklee purchases) with the purchase of Vitalizer, Shaklee’s multi-nutrient supplement.


Vitalizer is the most advanced multinutrient supplement pack in the marketplace today!!

Shaklee collaborated with researchers from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to evaluate long-term Shaklee supplement users.

vitalizer pic

Many vitamins and supplements from other manufacturers are destroyed by your body’s digestive process before it even has a chance to work!! What makes Shaklee’s products different? Vitalizer has a S.M.A.R.T. Delivery System to make sure that you get the nutrients that you need.


Don’t waste your money trying to find a brand that works. Shaklee’s products are proven effective and even come with a money-back guarantee: Feel better in 30 days or your money back!!

You can also save an additional 10% on your Vitalizer just by placing your order on Autoship to ensure that you never run out.

Did you know that 90% of Americans fall short in getting essential nutrients in their diets?? Wow!

I use Vitalizer and I love it! I definitely notice my energy level plummet when I haven’t taken it!


Next up, Shaklee’s New Referral Program

I am so excited about this!!

Shaklee now provides a way to say THANK YOU for introducing your friends and family to Shaklee!!

Most of you that have ordered products from me haven’t found it hard to share your discovery of Shaklee to those around you. I’m sure that you want to help your friends and families create a healthier home for their families too.


For every person that you introduce to Shaklee that places a $25 order, you get a $25 credit for your products!! The amount of credits that you can receive is UNLIMITED!!

Wait…there’s more! When you invite your friends to try out the Shaklee products that you love, they will receive 15% off of their first order…even if they don’t join as Shaklee members! What a great deal!!

How it works:

1. Send your friends a special invitation message (with a specially coded link) via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

2. Your friends use the special link to access a site where they purchase Shaklee products…and receive a one-time 15% discount!

3. If their purchase equals $25 or more (after 15% and excluding taxes and shipping/handling charges), you will receive a $25 credit that you can use on your next Shaklee order!

What are you waiting for?? Log into your member center at and look for the link to the Member Referral Center on the home page. Send out your referral link to all of your Facebook friends and e-mail contacts. Not only will you be helping your friends and family to live healthier lives, but you will be saving money on your product orders!!

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of these announcements.

Don’t forget…I also have some unadvertised specials going on for new members! Contact me for the details!

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