Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giveaway Corner

Have you heard of the Giveaway Corner? If not, you are missing out!
Anne launched this brilliant blog idea on April 12, 2011. She features daily giveaways from different businesses!

In fact, Anne hosted a giveaway for some Shaklee Basic H2 for me back in May!
Entering is simple, you just fill out a form with your name and any optional entries 

She also has a Giveaway Directory in which you can submit your giveaways, and sign up for multiple giveaways each day on different blogs. I submitted my last giveaway to her giveaway directory a couple of weeks ago and it was posted so quickly!! Anne really does a great job keeping up with the giveaways!

That's not all....she also holds a weekly blog and facebook hop every Saturday- the Saturday Social. You can submit your link anytime during the week.

Giveaway Corner is always looking for great new businesses to feature through giveaways. This is a great way to advertise your business, blog or website nationally. 

Head on over to the Giveaway Corner right now to enter the current giveaway! Make sure and check back tomorrow to see if you are the winner! Every day, she posts a link with the winner of the previous day's giveaway in the top left corner of her blog!

If you have a business that you are trying to promote, I highly suggest contacting Anne to be featured with a giveaway! She is really great to work with and I have nothing but good things to say about her blog!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sports Nutrition Webinar TONIGHT!!

Don't forget about tonight's webinar!!   You Are Invited to a Special Web Event 
Shaklee Corporation has pioneered the practice of studying the diets of elite athletes and testing products to help make landmark expeditions and record-breaking achievements possible. This research has translated into dietary recommendations and high performance nutritional products for elite athletes, as well as recreational athletes and explorers. And now you can use these products to help you get the most out of your workout, safely and naturally.
Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, will host as Les Wong, Vice President of Health Sciences and Tina Fusser, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach provide an excellent overview of Shaklee Sports Nutrition products - their use, safety, performance and the clinical testing that supports them. 
 Wednesday, June 8th, 5:30 pm PT / 6:30 pm MT / 7:30 pm CT / 8:30 pm ET Please click here to pre-register for this event.  If you are not a member, please use ID# WP06386 to register. Remember...watching this webinar will provide you with 2 additional entries to my Yurbuds giveaway!!  I can't wait to hear what you think about the Sports Nutrition products! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chick-fil-A 5K Race Recap and Giveaway

I am so excited to say that I finished my FIRST 5K!
I was really impressed with how well put together this event was! Flat-Out Events did an awesome job with everything! I definitely look forward to participating in some of their events in the future!

When we pulled into the parking lot, there were about a dozen Chick-fil-A cows dancing around the DJ booth…hilarious! The girls loved them!
IMG_9672, edit
The girls played on some of the inflatable toys before the races started…
IMG_9674, edit
IMG_9677, edit
Then it was time for the “Running of the Cows” Fun Run…
IMG_9684, edit2
The kids raced the cows (although I am not sure that the cows ran the whole time…I didn’t really notice).
Kylea planned on running the fun run by herself. This was her first fun run so it surprised me that she didn’t seem to be nervous about it! She told me that she was going to beat all of the cows and run raster than all of the other kids! She lined up with all of the other kids…and then she got nervous!
IMG_9685, edit
I felt so bad and really wanted her to have fun ( it was a fun run after all!)so I ran and gave the camera to Steve (he was waiting at the finish) and joined her for the race!

Once the race started, she had so much fun. She weaved in and out of the other kids and never stopped! About halfway through the race, I think she figured out that there were some pretty fast kids out front. She said, “It’s OK if we don’t win because we all get a medal at the end!” LOL!

When the finish line area came into view, she took off! She kept saying “Don’t stop running mommy…keep going!” I was staying behind her the whole time letting her lead the way so she told Steve that she was definitely a faster runner than me (and she’s probably right…ha!).
IMG_9688, edit
IMG_9699, edit
I’m so glad that she ended up having fun…she was so proud of herself!
IMG_9701, edit
Now that I was done with my 1/2 mile “warm up run”, it was time for the 5K. I started myself in corral 2 for runners with a pace between 9 and 11 minute miles and hoping to finish between 28:00 and 33:00.
IMG_9705, edit
I didn’t want to start off too quickly so I was trying to watch my pace closely in the first mile and hoping to do some negative splits. Remember, my big goal was to finish under 30 minutes. My fastest time in training was just over 33 minutes. I tried to pace myself with the people around me, but every time I looked at my watch I was going slower than I had planned. At mile 1, I was only 15-20 seconds over what I wanted to be so I was hoping I would be able to make up for it in the next 2 miles.

I kept running…even through the first water stop (note to self: work on coordination of drinking water from a cup while running…at least spilling a little water on myself helped me to cool off a little…ha!). I drank it quickly so that I would be able to throw it in the trash can instead of throw it on the ground (what can I say…I was taught not to litter! Ha!)
I made it halfway through the first hill…
Wait….what?!?! Hills?? Yep….I’ve never run hills. The route I ran in training was completely FLAT!! Ugh…
Those of you who are experienced runners are probably laughing out loud at me right now for complaining about what I’m sure are not considered “hills” to you, but they might as well have been Mount Everest to me! The turn around was right at the top of the hill so I just tried to focus on the fact that I would soon be going down the hill!

It was a really pretty run…we crossed over Lion’s Bridge and had a great view of the bay…
The second water stop was at the bottom of the hill. It was so warm at this point! There was no shade while we were crossing over Lion’s Bridge so I was looking forward to some water. I was so excited when the girl at the water stop handed me a pretty full cup of water (remember…inexperienced runner here). I decided to walk this time through the water stop, but I was still drinking the water pretty quickly. I decided to skip the trash can and keep drinking the water a little longer and then I had to…gasp…throw my cup on the ground after I finished it. Ha!

The water stop was also at mile 2 and I realized there was no way I was going to make up my time and be able to finish under 30 minutes…especially since I knew it was uphill to the finish. I set a new goal to finish under 35 minutes. Then I ran/walked with a side cramp for about a quarter mile…guess I shouldn’t have gulped that big cup of water, huh?

I was hitting my miles according to my watch a few feet before I actually passed the mile markers so I wanted to see what my time was at the 5K mark according to my watch. I looked down just as I made the final turn for the finish line and it said …3.1 miles; 35:00:00….I’ll take it!
IMG_9706, edit
Official finish time by the chip was 35:23.70.
IMG_9707, edit
Overall, I am pretty happy with my first.run.ever! The car thermometer said it was 81 degrees outside when we got in the car after the race…with 85% humidity…ugh! I’m pretty sure that is the warmest temperature that I have run in (and did I mention the hills? LOL!). I’m pretty sure I would have given up on running a long time ago if I still lived in Arizona! I don’t know how those of you from Arizona do it!

So…I started the Couch-to-5K program on March 22nd and finished my first 5K 2 months later. I have nothing but good things to say about this program. I never thought that I would be able to finish a 5K…and enjoy running! I’m already looking forward to my next race (I’m still trying to decide which one it will be though).

Now for the giveaway (that’s why most of you are still reading, right?)…

In celebration of my first 5K finish, I am going to give away something that has become part of my running gear..and that I actually used during my 5K…Yurbuds Ironman Series Performance Raising Earphones.
These earbuds are the best! Originally, I was using the original earbuds that came with my ipod…they were so uncomfortable and I spent most of my run readjusting them in my ear. The hard plastic would just dig into my ear!

I used my husband’s earbuds a couple of times. They were better than the ipod earbuds, but I still spent a lot of time adjusting them…especially toward the end of my run when my ears started getting sweaty (I know…ewww!)

I’ll be honest…when I first tried the Yurbuds on, they felt like they were going to fall out, but then I would feel them with my hand and realize that they were still securely in my ear. It just took a few minutes to get used to how they felt in my ear. I never had to adjust them at all while I was running! The sound quality is fabulous and the soft plastic didn’t dig into my ear at all!

Yurbuds Ironman Series Earbuds:
  • Yurbuds Twist Lock into place for a secure fit that never falls out even under the most intense workout conditions.
  • Yurbuds are ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear.
  • Clinically proven acoustics for deeper, richer sound.
  • Sweat-resistant!
One person will win their own pair of Yurbuds Ironman Series earbuds! The box includes red Yurbuds Ironmand Series earbuds with both light and intense style earbud covers and a nylon zippered pouch to carry them in!

This giveaway will end on Friday, June 10, 2011 at midnight ET. I have 4 ways for you to enter. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you in case you are the winner. This giveaway is open to US Residents only. Leave a separate comment for each entry!

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect on the right sidebar and leave a comment on this post letting me know that you are following. Let me know if you are already a follower too!

2. “Like” A Home Made by Kiki on Facebook and say “hi”…comment on this post letting me know that you did.

3. Blog about this giveaway or post it on FB with a link to this post and then provide the link to your post in the comments. You can do this once a day for an additional entry for each day! Just make sure you leave another comment on this post each time that you post!

4. See below for the 4th way to enter!

Are you looking for a way to enhance your performance with natural products? Shaklee has a great Sports Nutrition line that contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Put in the best to bring out the best performance!
I’m so excited about the great special that Shaklee has available through July 31st so that you can try the Sports Nutrition products for FREE!! Contact me for 2 other money-saving specials that I have going on right now!
june header
Shaklee will be holding a Sports Nutrition Webcast on June 8th at 8:30pm ET. You can listen to Shaklee executives and the scientists behind the products as they discuss these great products! Shaklee guarantees what it puts in their products and backs it with a money back guarantee!!

Follow this link to register now for the webcast: Sports Nutrition Webcast

If you are not a Shaklee member, you can use ID#WP06386 to register for the webcast!

**Watch the Shaklee webcast on June 8th and tell me one thing that you learned for 2 extra entries into the giveaway!**

Watch for some posts throughout the next couple of months featuring athletes that have been fueled by Shaklee through some pretty amazing accomplishments!

Birthday Party Goody Bags

I am always on the lookout for cute goody bag ideas! Pinterest is my favorite source to look for party inspiration. Actually....Pinterest is my favorite place to look for anything! I could probably spend hours browsing through all of the pretty pictures! I mean, seriously, here is just a snippet of the screen that comes up when I search for ruffles...
...a ruffly cake, a ruffly bedspread, dresses, shirts, pillows, potholders...all with ruffles. This just backs up my theory that almost everything is better with ruffles!

See....once again...Pinterest has sidetracked me! 

Back to the goody bags...

My oldest daughter likes to be a part of the planning process when it comes to her birthday parties. She also loves looking through the Family Fun magazine for craft ideas. Every family that has young children needs  this magazine! So many fun ideas to keep the kids busy and challenge their creativity! While she was looking through one of the magazines, she came across this idea for her goody bags.
I actually had everything already...except for the snacks....clothespins, snack bags, paint, and pipe cleaners. The googly eyes that I had were too big for the clothespins so she decided to just draw the faces on them.

So...we pulled out the clothespins and some paint...
...and she got to work on her masterpiece!
Since her birthday was the same weekend as Easter, she picked out some jellybeans to fill the snack bags with...
These really didn't have anything to do with the theme of her birthday, but she wanted to do them since they went along with the fact that it was springtime! She chose to have a Tangled birthday party...stay tuned for a post on that!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shaklee Sports Nutrition=PURE Performance

Today, Shaklee relaunched its Sports Nutrition line! The product formulations have not changed...they are already the best in the marketplace...but the products' look has changed.

Put in the Best, Bring Out the Best!!
Here are some quick facts about the Shaklee Sports Nutrition line and then I will show you the 3 specific products:
  •  Shaklee products have fewer grams of sugar, and less fat than most competitors.
  • Shaklee Energy Chews are more convenient than energy drinks to transport and consume.
  • All three Shaklee products provide long-term benefit delivery.
  • Shaklee Sports Nutrition products contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
  • Shaklee's Performance and Physique products are clinically proven to improve athletic performance.

 1. Shaklee Energy: Pure Energy Chews
 Take 15-60 minutes before exercise depending on length of workout

  • Contains caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D 
  • Sustains energy
  • Improves performance
  • Increases alertness
  • Sharpens focus
  • Improves mood
  • Lower in sugar and calories than many energy drinks and shots
2. Shaklee's Performance: Pure Hydration Drink
  Take during exercise to maintain hydration.
  • Minimizes fluid loss for enhanced hydration.
  • Maintains blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output. 
  • Increases endurance for better athletic performance.
  • Contains 6 hydrating electrolytes including calcium and magnesium.
  • No artificial or synthetic anything!!
3. Shaklee's Physique: Pure Recovery Shake
Take immediately after exercise to enhance your recovery!
  • Allows your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over time. 
  • Helps build firm, lean muscles.
  • Helps restore muscle energy.
  • Supports muscle repair.

The longer and tougher your workout is, the better Performance gets:

Shaklee has a long tradition of supporting high performance sports with the highest quality nutrition along with research that substantiates its effectiveness. Shaklee's Sports Nutrition products have supported decades of world-class achievement in sports, in global exploration, and in legendary adventures that stretch the boundaries of what we believe human beings are capable of.
This month, I will be sharing some of the stories of the amazing accomplishments that have been fueled by Shaklee!
  • Shaklee products have been used in space, in adventures to the North Pole and the South Pole, in the Oceans of the world and everything in between. Shaklee has been to the ends of the world to test these products!!
  • Shaklee Sports Nutrition products have helped Americans rule the podium—
    winning more than 100 gold, silver, and bronze medals! That’s more than
    most countries!
  • Seven of Time-Life's Greatest Adventures of All Time were fueled by Shaklee.

Would you like to know more about the 
Shaklee Sports Nutrition Line?

Shaklee will be holding a Sports Nutrition Webcast on June 8th at 8:30pm ET. You can listen to Shaklee executives and the scientists behind the products as they discuss these great products! Shaklee guarantees what it puts in their products and backs it with a money back guarantee!!

Follow this link to register now for the webcast: Sports Nutrition Webcast

If you are not a Shaklee member, you can use ID#WP06386 to register for the webcast!

Also, from now through July 31st, you can receive a FREE SPORTS NUTRITION PACK when you join (or become a distributor) with a $70 purchase! 
 This is a $75 retail value...wow!!

Contact me for 2 additional special offers to help you save even more money!!