Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Hobby

I recently started doing something that I never thought I would be successful at! Don't get me wrong...I have tried on multiple occasions, but with very disappointing results! The fact that this new challenge has actually become enjoyable is what really shocks me! What am I talking about?

I have started running!
Like I said, I have tried to "take up the sport of running" on multiple occasions over the past 10 years without success. My problem was that I could never get the breathing part down. I did the mile that I needed to do each semester in high school, but I am pretty sure that I never ran the entire mile...ever!

I also never really had a plan when I started running in the past. I would just run until I couldn't run any more (which wasn't very far at all) and then would walk until I was ready to try running again. I never felt like I was really accomplishing anything so I just told myself that "I wasn't a runner"!

My husband has run a couple of 5K's, an 8K, two 14K's, and 2 marathons!! Every time I would go to one of his races, I would wish that I could run, but quickly put it out of my mind since "I wasn't a runner!"

Well, at the beginning of March, I decided to try again. So...I dusted off my jogging stroller and went for a run/ until I cant breathe, walk, run until I can't breathe, walk. I did this for a few days and then decided that maybe I needed to look into a running program. So...I started with the Couch to 5K program. That was 6 weeks ago and I am exactly where I should be in the program!
When I first looked through the program, I was pretty confident that I wouldn't make it past week 5. Week 5 takes you from 3 and 5 minute runs to 5 and 8 minute runs to....gulp...20 minute runs!! What?!? I thought for sure that would never happen! A 20 minute run might as well be a marathon for me!!  

Well, I was wrong!! At some point in week 4, running actually became enjoyable! I never thought I would ever say that!! I was running longer in each run than the program called for in weeks 4 and 5 and only stopped because it was dark outside and I needed to cool down a little before getting in the car to drive home! Crazy!
Those of you who are runners, please restrain yourself from laughing at what may appear to be a very small accomplishment to you! I actually do see the humor in telling my husband during week 3 that I had successfully run 3 minutes when he had run for hours just a couple of weeks prior during his marathon.

I even went to the running store and had them do a gait analysis to determine what kind of running shoes I needed. My 6 year old Adidas shoes just weren't cutting it!

I went out last Thursday afternoon with the intention of doing two 10 minute runs with a couple of minutes of walking in between (planning to add an extra training day into the week since I didn't think I would be up for the 20 minutes). Somewhere in the first 10 minutes, I decided to just go for the full 20...and I made it...just under 2 miles!

I just signed up for my first 5K to take place at the end of! I've also managed to lose 8 pounds since starting on the program which is an added bonus that I am pretty happy about.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that all I needed was a specific ("tried-and-true") program laid out for me. I have been looking forward to my running days in order to stay on track with the program. I had specific goals (time and distance) that kept me motivated. I'm a pretty competitive person...even against myself it turns out! may see a few posts in the future about "my new hobby". Can't wait to be able to post my first 5K results!! I also just posted a little widget in my sidebar to keep track of my running workouts each week!

Edited to is a good thing that I already signed up for the 5K because the recent temperature increase has been killing me this week! Knowing that I already signed up for the 5K is what is keeping me motivated to reach my goal!

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