Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun with Recycling!

Since Earth Day has been on my mind recently, I decided to do some kids crafts that involved recycling items we found around our home!

I always have a few paper towel rolls on hand to pull out when needed....for telescopes, megaphones (only when I am in a really good mood), crafts, etc...
I recently started following a great blog called Crafts by Amanda. She has seriously taken the paper towel roll tube crafts to a whole new level!! She has a whole list of tutorials for making things out of paper towel (or bathroom tissue rolls if that doesn't gross you out like it does me!) rolls. She just started a farm animal series. Aren't these the cutest??
She also has other items that she has recycled for these cute little plastic lid ladybugs! We go through 4 gallons of milk each week so we could have quite the ladybug collection very soon!
Go check out her blog for lots of great craft ideas!

We decided to make the cardboard tube bunny rabbit family!
Here is another little recycling tip! We have been using recycled baby food containers for our paint! I used to use little disposable plastic cups and then just throw them out every time we were finished with them. These baby food containers are very durable and can be rinsed out very easily and re-used!
Next up we decided to use some old baby socks to make some bunnies! We found this idea in a local community magazine.
1. Fill the sock from the toe to just above the heel with dried beans.
2. Use a rubberband to "seal" up the top of the sock.
3. Tie a ribbon around the sock to separate the head and body.
4. Cut the top of the sock in half to make the ears. Round the edges slightly.
4. Use felt pieces or fabric paint to make the eyes and nose.
I realize that you can see the dried beans through the sock in the picture because of the flash, but it is not as noticeable in person.

So...that is how we spent our day...recycling objects around our house to decorate for Easter! My daughter even learned a song in school about recycling and then taught it to her sister...Once I figure out how to post it on here, I will....any tips?? I tried posting through blogger, but wouldn't ever upload. Hmm...

Don't forget to come back Friday morning for the Earth Day Blog Hop!!

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