Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ta Da!!! Well, Sort of…

The living room before we moved in…


The living room for the past 6 years…


The living room now…


It is definitely a much “cooler” green than I was wanting. The paint chip seemed a little warmer with more yellow tone in it, but….I can deal with it! It’s growing on me more and more with each day.


Eventually we will be putting up some molding, but at this point you can still see some of the pink ceiling like I mentioned {here}.


I haven’t rehung any of the pictures at this point and I haven’t redecorated the mantle yet since I will be putting new spring décor up anyways!


I also need to decide what kind of window treatments to put up. Decisions…decisions…


In an effort to “keep things real” on this blog, here is the wall that you can’t see in the above picture…

IMG_8998 We replaced our single back door…

IMG_7759, edit

(it wasn’t very *comforting* to see the water damage around the outdoor electrical outlet…yikes!)


We found the french doors on Craigslist for $40…score!!


Now I just have to wait to finish painting the living room until the drywall gets finished! I really should have named this blog “My Life in a Construction Zone”. We are currently undergoing a kitchen remodel, a front porch overhaul, and the back door replacement. Oh…and we just finished installing the floors in the living room to match the rest of the downstairs…and the moulding and transition pieces still need to be put down (notice the blue plastic peeking out around the fireplace brick?). We decided we had to do the floors when we installed the french doors since one door would have laminate flooring inside of it while the other had carpet. One project leads to another one…seems to be a pretty common occurrence around here!


Moving the furniture in the living room to paint allowed me to do a little “spring cleaning” in there too! I was able to clean all of the floors behind and under all of the furniture…one thing off of my list!


I pulled out my Basic H2 window cleaner and cleaned the inside of the living room window.


I dusted everything (including all of the cords behind the TV…bleh)!


I also finished organizing our DVD’s like I started {here}.


A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to Northern Virginia and stopped in at the Container Store to pick up another one of these…


This was the same trip during which we stopped at IKEA and picked up the tin for {this project}…


So…now I have 2 storage boxes…one for kids movies and another for the rest of our movies and games.

IMG_9001, edit

I love how compact it is!! Another thing marked off on my to-do list…yay!!


Wanna know another thing on my to-do list? This mirror….

IMG_9004, edit

We picked this up last month at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for around $5. This is one.heavy.mirror though! I have big plans for it and can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can get started on it. My husband is already dreading it though because I told him that I need to use some of his tools. LOL!


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