Thursday, March 17, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

I decided to jump on board with some of the rainbow crafts that have been popping up on some of my favorite blogs! I have never really done much with my girls for St. Patrick’s Day…other than dress them in green! It was definitely time to change that up!


The first rainbow craft that we did was to paint half a rainbow on freezer paper and magically turn it into a whole rainbow. I found this craft over on the Alphamom blog: {Rainbow Prints}.


My 5 year old was very concerned that my 2 year old wasn’t “making the rainbow the right way”, but my 2 year old was very proud of her rainbow!

IMG_9035, edit

Afterwards, we cut them out and glued them to construction paper. My 5 year old insisted on drawing shamrocks on hers. She has been drawing them everywhere ever since I taught her how earlier this week!


Next, we made some Rainbow Wind Catchers! This was my favorite! I found this craft idea over at “A Pretty Cool Life” {Rainbow Wind Catchers}.

I gathered up some paints and streamers along with some paper plates. I didn’t have plain white paper plates so we painted on the back of them instead of the front.

IMG_9024, edit

My girls had a lot of fun with this one.

My 5 year old was very determined to make the best rainbow ever and was very particular about her paint application. She did a great job with using the right amount of paint too!

IMG_9025, edit

My 2 year old, on the other hand, did a very good job at “scooping” the paint with her paintbrush and applying it in very large amounts at a time. Whatever works, right?

IMG_9026, edit

At first she was just putting the paint in random places on the plate, but then she started watching what her sister was doing and tried to copy it (she always tries to copy her big sister…with the good things and the bad things!).

IMG_9027, edit 

I also had to make sure that my 5 year old was done with a color before letting my 2 year old use it because she was doing a pretty good job of mixing all of the colors!

I let them paint the rainbow before naptime and then told them the paint had to dry while they were taking their naps before we could start on the second part of the craft. They both woke up excited to finish their rainbows.

IMG_9029, edit

Look at that thick paint…I’m pretty sure it is still not dry! Ha! She had so much fun though and was very proud of her work.

IMG_9030, edit

My girls had a lot of fun with this craft! I am trying to teach my 2 year old her colors so this was the perfect time for a craft like this!

IMG_9033, edit

I have a few things up my sleeve for St. Patrick’s Day and can’t wait to share with you how we spent our day! What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

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