Monday, March 7, 2011

The FAUX had to GO!

Over 6 years ago when we moved into our house, our living room (and front dining room) looked like this:

starwood arch, before painting

No….I did not brighten the colors in this photo….it really was THAT orange!! Not only were the walls orange, but the ceiling was a pale pink color. Yikes!!


Painting that room was the first thing we did before moving in! We did a subtle rag faux paint technique with some greens. We were pretty proud of our painting technique since it turned out exactly how it was supposed to look!


Didn’t your heart rate go down significantly looking at the second picture as opposed to the first picture?!?


We recently decided to repaint the living room again for a couple of reasons. First of all, during our kitchen remodel, we started tearing down part of a wall and then changed our mind after seeing all of the plumbing that would need to be rerouted. So…after the drywall was repaired, we were left with a blank wall.


There was no way that we were going to be able to match the green faux (I’m really starting to hate that word now!). So, I temporarily painted it with our kitchen color until we decided how to repaint the living room. It has been like that for quite a while!


Second reason….I was so over the faux!!


So….that’s where I am at now…repainting the living room. I finished rolling the walls last night and am finishing the trim and cutting in today (the worst part in my opinion).


My stopping point last night was determined by my 2 year old. She decided to run into the living room (after staying out all day with only a couple of reminders) and step directly onto the slippery, wet-paint covered paint can lid and fall almost head first into the paint tray full of wet paint. It was actually quite funny!

IMG_8975, edit

We were all laughing (and taking pictures of course) so she decided after a few minutes that it was funny!


So…there is your paint color preview…courtesy of my 2 year old! I hope to have the finished pictures up by the end of the week! Then…I will be moving onto some spring cleaning…yay!


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