Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sew Along for Japan: Finished Product

It’s done! Time for the unveiling of the finished product for the Sew Along for Japan with Susan from {Living With Punks} using Chelsea’s pattern from {Pink Fig Patterns}! I’m working together with her and many other bloggers to try to reach the goal of sending 500 shirts to a group of children in Japan who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami!


In review…

{Day 1} : prepared all of the pieces for the shirt…IMG_9205, edit

{Day 2} : Completed the faces…

IMG_9215, edit

Yesterday for {Day 3} , I finished up by attaching the pieces to each other and then sewing them to the shirts.

So….without further ado…

{{{drum roll}}}

Here is the girl version:

IMG_9228, edit

…and the boy version:

IMG_9229, edit

My girls were very excited to see the finished shirts!

IMG_9223, edit

My 5 year old tried to explain to my 2 year old why we were making them and sending them out. I was glad to see that she grasped the concept, at least on her level, that there were kids like her in Japan that had lost everything!


If you would like to help out the disaster victims in Japan, go to {Operation Blessing International} to see how you can help!




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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Cricut Cake Class!

This post brought to you by ProvoCraft. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you, but I love making my kids’ birthday cakes every year! The first cake…actually cakes… that I made was for my oldest daughter’s first birthday…2 cute little ladybugs!

Last year, I made a beehive cake (and matching shirt) for my youngest daughter’s second birthday!

I’m not a professional cake decorator by any means, but I enjoy doing this for them for their special day! I plan to continue doing this every year (and for other special events…baby showers, graduations, etc…) so a Cricut Cake cutter would be very helpful! Have you seen these?


What a fabulous tool! It can cut gum paste, fondant, frosting sheets, cookie dough, cheese, tortillas, modeling chocolate gum, and some soft candies! Just think of all of the possibilities!

Look at this beautiful cake decorated using images cut from the Cricut Cake:


I would love to make one like this for a bridal fun!!

You can view other fun Cricut Cake creations in their {project gallery}.


They have a great selection of cartridges for all different occasions...even some from Martha Stewart!

I like the All Occasions cartridge from Martha Stewart....with cherry blossoms, branches, leaves, and....wait for it...paisley patterns! Adorable! The Holiday Cakes Cartridge looks fun too!


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Jinger Adams, a celebrity in the crafting world, will be showing you how easy it is to make special creations for all of the special occasions you have to celebrate!


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Sew Along for Japan- Day 2

I have joined other bloggers and Susan from {Living with Punks} in a

Sew Along for Japan!


You can read about my Day1 progress {here}.

IMG_9205, edit

Susan posted the Day2 instructions earlier today and I started on it earlier this evening.

IMG_9209, edit

The first part was a piece.of.cake since I was using my machine. The hand-stitching, on the other hand, is the part that I was dreading. I really dislike hand-sewing anything...even buttons (I would like to point out that there were 8 buttons too!) It’s not that I don’t know how or don’t do a decent job at it, but I just don’t have the patience for it! I would much rather spend hours sewing with my machine (which I have done on more than one occasion!) than just a few minutes hand-stitching! So….needless to say…I am happy that this step is done!



IMG_9211, edit

Cheeks and smiles (and hats)…check!

IMG_9215, edit

Bring on day 3!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sew Along for Japan- Day 1

I posted yesterday that I was participating in the Sew Along for Japan that Susan is hosting over at {Living with Punks}.


It’s not too late to join! You can find all the details {here}. I actually had most of the supplies already (even the shirts and the teeny tiny buttons!)…just needed some fusible fleece and a couple pieces of felt.

IMG_9207, edit

I think my 5 year old is as excited about this project as I am! She was very opinionated about the fabric to use for the clothes and insisted that one of the girls have red hair like she does. The only red felt that we had was really, really red….so I finally convinced her to settle for orange hair. She held it up to her hair to compare the color and finally agreed! I’m so glad that I got her approval for this!! Ha!

---Day 1---

You can find the instructions for Day 1 {here}.


I used full advantage of nap time this afternoon and got to work:

IMG_9205, edit

Aren’t they cute?? The little pigtails are my favorite part! Everything is cut and ready to go for tomorrow!


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucky Charm Dresses….and a Sew Along for Japan!

I am so proud of my husband as he just completed his second marathon last week!
IMG_9146, edit2
This is the second year that he has participated in the Shamrock Marathon here in Virginia Beach!

I decided that I wanted to make my girls some dresses for the big day! Since the race also falls close to St. Patrick’s Day…my daughter could also wear her dress to school on that day too! It also gave me an excuse to finally try out a pattern from Lil Blue Boo. I have been following Ashley’s blog (and clothing store) since 2009 and I can’t believe that I hadn’t tried one of her patterns out until this month!

I am so inspired by her and the up cycling and screenprinting that she does! She will also be speaking at Creative Estates this year in April! It really makes me wish that I still lived in Arizona so that I could go!! Maybe one of these years…
I decided on the Sienna dress….very versatile with the sleeve styles and skirt styles!

I found some green shirts on clearance at Target and got to work! This is what I came up with…
IMG_9100, edit
IMG_9116, edit
I didn’t want them to be exactly the same…so I switched up the fabric a little bit between the two dresses! They are such comfy dresses too….perfect for  a long day at the Marathon!

After sewing the dresses, I added the design onto the front of each of them…Daddy’s Lucky Charm!
IMG_9097, edit


I will definitely be making more of these! I snatched up a couple adult “vintage-looking” t-shirts last year to use! See….I have been planning on making a Lil Blue Boo dress for a while now! I’m glad I finally got one set finished at least!

Now…onto my next project!
Susan from {Living with Punks} is hosting a Sew Along for Japan this week using the pattern by Chelsea of {Pink Fig Patterns} that was featured at {UCreate} earlier this month. Whew….did you catch all of that?
I will be joining her to reach her goal of providing 500 shirts for the children of Japan! What a great way to reach out to the children!
Here is what Chelsea said about the pattern:
The name ”Chloe” means blooming and ”Mieko” in Japanese means beautiful blessed child. The heart in the middle represents the worlds love for Japan and is a sweet reminder of how we are all praying for them and their recovery.
Would you like to sew along too? Head over to Susan’s blog for all the details!! She has links to the pattern, info on all of the supplies that are needed, and she will doing step-by-step tutorials all this week! She even has a boy version of the pattern ready!

Everyone that is participating will be linking up their shirts to her blog on Thursday, March 31st!

In order to give us the motivation to get it done on time ( you all know that I need that!), she is holding a fabulous giveaway! There are 3 giveaway packages available from lots of wonderful shops! Get the details {here}.

I’m Sewing Along for Japan…..are you??
Don’t forget about the giveaway going on right now over at {Neathering Our Fest}!

I'm linking up at:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Get Clean Cost Comparison 2009 -- MN

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basic H2 to the Rescue….Again!!

I have raved about my Shaklee Basic H2 before….remember when it removed dried purple fabric paint from my carpet?!? I also featured it in a post here when I decided it was “liquid gold”!


Just when I thought that I had discovered all of the uses of Basic H2, it surprises me!


We use a barstool at our desk with a microfiber cushion. We have had it for about 3 years I think and the cushion is definitely starting to show its age!

IMG_9052, edit

I have been tossing around the idea of re-covering the cushion. It wouldn’t be too hard, but it would just be one more thing added to my to-do list. Well, the other day, it just happened to be in the line of fire when the baby that I watch spit-up a little bit!

IMG_9052, edit 2

I decided that this would be the perfect time to try and clean it! I thought I could at least make it look a little better until I had a chance to re-cover the cushion (read: “at least one year”).


So…I pulled out my spray bottle of  Basic H2 degreaser:

IMG_9056, edit

FYI: The Degreaser is made by combining 1 1/2 teaspoons of Basic H2 with 16 ounces of water!


I sprayed it onto the cushion and let it soak for a minute or two:

IMG_9059, edit

I just used a regular microfiber cloth (Shaklee has a really great one here) and scrubbed it until it looked like this:

IMG_9109, edit

Wow, right??

The black marks around the edge aren’t dirt, but rather the cushion has just started to wear down a little bit in that spot. I couldn’t believe the difference!


I love finding new things to use my Basic H2 to clean. It has definitely saved me lots of money because I don’t have to buy so many different kinds of cleaners. It is so versatile!!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As I mentioned in the last post, I have never really put much effort into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This year was different!

Earlier this week, I put together some of these:

IMG_9007, edit

I found the idea and free printable over at It Is What It Is {You’re My Pot O’ Gold}.


I put one in a box along with a package of GREEN Sno Balls (because the sugar in the twizzlers and chocolate coins wasn’t enough! Ha!) and sent them off to my nephew.

IMG_9012, edit

I didn’t even know they made green Sno Balls. I think I have only had the original pink Sno Balls maybe once or twice in my entire life and the last time was probably 20 years ago, but….I just couldn’t reisist! I looked around online and apparently they are called Lucky Puffs!


The girls woke up this morning to discover that leprechauns had left them a couple of surprises…

…a basket of goodies (one rainbow/pot o’ gold package for each of them, green sno balls for each of them, some jellybeans, and some butterfly/hummingbird flower seeds and pots to plant them in)…

IMG_9040, edit

…chocolate gold coins hidden around the house for them to find…

IMG_9007, edit2

…and their favorite…the milk dyed green! They thought it was so funny!

IMG_9068, edit

I saw the idea for rainbow waffles over at Random Thoughts of a Supermom {Rainbow Waffles} and couldn’t wait to try them out with our new waffle iron that we received for Christmas!


I knew that there was no way that I was going to mix the batter and split it up into the different colors and make the waffles in time to get my daughter on the bus for kindergarten so…..we had rainbow waffles for lunch instead.


I decided that it would be easier to put the batter in the squeeze bottles that I use for cookie decorating…

IMG_9043, edit

I’ll be honest with you…the first waffle wasn’t too pretty! I don’t think that I had put enough batter in so I had a little bit of trouble getting it out in one piece. It still tasted good though! Yay!


I made sure to add enough batter after that…

IMG_9061, edit

Don’t forget the whipped cream for the clouds…

IMG_9065, edit

My girls loved these!


We also had some healthy green snacks like green apples…

IMG_9051, edit

…and green grapes…


I really wanted to try the rainbow fruit kabobs that I have seen everywhere lately, but I never got around to buying all of the fruit the day before!



Even though there was a lot of candy in their bucket this morning, they each only ate 1 chocolate coin today and a couple of jellybeans each.


That’s mainly because I also made some rainbow cupcakes…


IMG_9070, edit

Without a doubt, they loved these too! (Who wouldn’t?!)

IMG_9079, edit

IMG_9082, edit

So…that is how we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this year! I already have a list of new ideas to try next year too! I hope you had a great day too!

IMG_9093, edit