Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What’s in *Your* Freezer??

Thursday is the day that I usually clean out my fridge. I do it on Thursdays because I go grocery shopping on Friday…therefore my fridge is the emptiest at that point.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t do an “extensive” job of cleaning out the fridge each week. I basically just get rid of any leftovers or produce that are past their shelf life, rearrange items that weren’t put back in “the right spot”, and quickly wipe down the shelves and drawers.

I use Shaklee’s Dish Wash Concentrate to clean out the drawers and removable shelves from the door if it’s needed…
…and I use Shaklee’s Basic H2 to wipe down the shelves.
If I am doing a more extensive cleaning of the fridge, then I use the dish wash concentrate for the whole job!

I love being able to use something to clean my fridge that is safe and effective!! Seriously, do you really want to spray toxic chemicals onto the surfaces that are going to hold your food??? I don’t! The dish wash concentrate has such a light (barely noticeable) fresh scent too. It definitely makes the job a little more enjoyable!

Anyways…last week, my fridge really wasn’t too bad so I decided to tackle the freezer. It has been a long time since I have ventured into the back of the freezer.
IMG_8645, edit
So…I just started pulling everything out. This was definitely a job that needed to be done during naptime so that I wouldn’t be interrupted. I had to move quickly with my frozen food quickly thawing out as I cleaned!
IMG_8647, edit
I discovered lots of ice packs (for Steve’s lunches) and a large collection of frozen pie crusts! Hmmm…maybe I need to make a pie? I'’ll take any excuse to make a pie.

Back on topic…those ice packs have always annoyed me. Even if I freeze them flat, they never stay stacked nicely in the back of the freezer. They just slide around all over the place!
IMG_8651, edit
Guess what else I found…four containers of blackberry freezer jam that I had made late last summer. Yay! I really thought that it was all gone. My 5 year old was pretty happy about that discovery too!
IMG_8652, edit
Once everything was cleared out, I used warm water with just a couple drops of Dish Wash Concentrate. That is all I needed….just a couple of drops!! A little really goes a long way!
IMG_8655, edit
Now to put everything back..except for what ended up in the trash!
IMG_8657, edit
I have seen a lot posts about people using organization containers for every item in their refrigerators and freezers. I am not a huge fan of that trend. It works great for some, but it just wouldn’t work for me…except for a couple in the freezer. Since I am always so annoyed by the ice packs…I found a tray to corral them.
IMG_8659, edit
I also used one for the ice pops. I seriously can’t remember that last time that any of us had an ice pop..but at least they are now contained!

I also cleaned out the shelves on the door. Before…
IMG_8648, edit
IMG_8661, edit
As you can see, a lot of things didn’t make the cut. I had containers of frozen tomato sauce from almost a year ago! Yikes!

I also cleaned out the deep freezer that is out in our garage. Can you believe that I found 3 unopened bags of frozen corn?? I keep buying more for certain recipes because I think that we are all out.
Nope…they are just hiding at the bottom of the freezer!

After I was finished, I enjoyed a frozen red velvet cookie that I was trying to forget was out in the freezer.

I’m definitely going to make an effort from this point on to be more aware of what I am keeping in my freezer…and it will definitely be a while before I have to buy any more frozen corn!!

FYI…I came across a neat little tool/website on another blog recently.

{Still Tasty}

You just enter different foods into the database and it tells you how long the shelf life is…whether it is opened or unopened….store bought or homemade….fridge or freezer. I use it all of the time now! Genius!

I used to write the date that I opened something on the lid….sour cream, coffee creamer, etc… so that I would know how long it had been in the fridge.  Instead, I now write the date that it will expire according to Still Tasty and it makes cleaning out the fridge each week so much easier!

IMG_8743, edit
 It also gives me incentive to plan a meal around an ingredient that will soon be expiring. That saves me a little money and I like that!

Do you have any tips for keeping your fridge or freezer clean and tidy? I love suggestions! Just leave them in the comments!

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