Friday, February 4, 2011

Simplified Filing…and a little chaos!

I wanted to briefly post another project that I completed this week in my quest to Simplify my life!

This is a before picture of the top view of my filing cabinet.

IMG_8397, edit

I probably haven’t gone through and cleared out my files in about a year.


The front section of this drawer is all recipes that I have pulled out of magazines. I have mentioned before that I love magazines! It’s an added bonus that I get most of my magazine subscriptions for free thanks to the great couponing blogs that I follow!


I used to be a book reader, and I would love to go back to that, but I just find other things to do in place of that right now. Magazines are easier for me because I can spend 10 minutes reading a magazine and easily put it down. It might be a week before I pick up that magazine again, but that isn’t a problem. If it was a book, I would probably have to review what I had previously read in order to get back into the storyline…just my opinion. So….I pull a lot of articles and recipes out of my magazines rather than hold onto them.


I recently created a systems for these recipes and articles that I pull out…more on that later!


Back to the filing cabinet

I do all of my bill paying and banking online so I probably don’t need to hold onto as many statements as I do. Eventually, I would like to be able to put all of my files into one small file box like this one…


So…I got rid of a.lot.of.papers!!

My box of papers to shred is overflowing!


So…out came my labeler….


…and soon…this…

IMG_8398, edit

…became this:

IMG_8596, edit

FYI—My labeler works great, but I just blurred out some of the tabs…gotta protect my personal info!

Brand new pretty file folders and fun labels made this a fairly quick and painless task. I haven’t bought new file folders in about 8 years and I think they were definitely needed. My old ones were getting a little raggedy around the edges and I had rewritten the tabs a couple of times.


I’m hoping to weed out more of the unnecessary papers very soon to fit into a smaller box, but it is so much better for now.


I have had a lot of sweet comments about my organization process…thank you so much!


I just wanted to share with you that this process is a long process. It took a long time for me to accumulate these things and it isn’t going to just go away overnight!


Also, sometimes it has to “get worse” before it “gets better”!


When I started this process, I knew that I would need lots of containers, baskets, boxes, etc.. So, I have been hoarding boxes and bins on the side of my dining room for a while now…

IMG_8666, edit

Crazy, right? Not at all organized!!


Just ignore the boxes of metal drawer slides! For some reason, thanks to my husband, they ended up in my dining room instead of the garage. He scored all of those drawer slides for free off of Craigslist last week!! I wish we had found them before we started our kitchen remodel! We (and by “we”, I mean my husband….ha!) put pull out drawers in our 2 pantry cabinets. These particular slides (not the ones that we ended up using) cost $50 a piece!!! We have a few more drawers that we can use them on and some of them are going to my dad who is also rebuilding their kitchen cabinets. Sweet deal!!


Back to the topic…

This is the pile of boxes under my desk right now…mostly papers to be shred, but also just random papers…and random printer cables…and more organization containers….a newspaper, etc.


IMG_8668, edit

I am determined to finish this up this weekend so I don’t continue to feel more cluttered than I already was!!


I just wanted to show you these pictures so that you understand that decluttering sometimes causes a bigger mess temporarily…….ha ha!

I finished up a couple more things this week and I will be posting about them soon.


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