Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is there a rule against making nice looking shelf liner???

I am on a mission to declutter…and then organize…everything in my house….even under the kitchen sink!!


My husband has been rebuilding all of the cabinets in our existing kitchen and in the new extension of our kitchen that we created after knocking down a wall!! Up until now, I hadn’t gotten around to putting shelf liner down in any of the cabinets. I painted a few of the cabinet interiors and shelves, but I felt like it still needed some shelf liner.


I have spent the last month looking for shelf liner that I like. I guess my expectations are a little too high because I can’t find anything I like!! I didn’t want to go with a plain “boring” color, but none of the patterned options really “worked” for me!


 I would love to use the foam non-adhesive shelf liners, but….I have a lot of cabinet shelves to cover!! I’m not willing to put that much money into shelf liners!



I absolutely loved the cork shelf liner that I came across so I decided to just go ahead and use it in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.


Here is what it looked like before…IMG_8690, edit

I wish I didn’t have to deal with all of the ugly plumbing, but it is what it is….it is under the kitchen sink after all!!


We are still in the long process of finishing our kitchen so none of the edges of the shelves or cabinets have been finished yet…just bare wood at this point! The shelves are made of MDF so…every.little.drip.shows!! Blech!!

IMG_8692, edit

So…everything came out…

IMG_8693, edit

…and the cork went in!

IMG_8695, edit

Ahhh! Much better! I had to patch a couple of pieces in the back because the roll wasn’t wide enough…and the back corners have to remain bare. (I used every last piece and didn’t quite have enough…boooo!)

IMG_8697, edit

Miraculously, this space doesn’t usually get too disorganized, but the fresh shelf liner really makes me want to keep it neat!


I have always kept a bin down here for my hand towels and drying towels.

IMG_8699, edit

I keep a bin in the back with the bubbles and sidewalk chalk for outdoor play!

IMG_8700, edit

Can’t forget about the bin that holds my bar mop towels that I featured in my post, Breaking the Paper Towel Habit!! I have been using these for about 6 months and they still look almost brand new thanks to the Nature Bright that I use when I wash them! I have saved so much money by not using as many paper towels too!

IMG_8701, edit

One small cabinet may not seem like much to you…especially one that no one but me is going to see…but it feels so good when I know that one more space is decluttered and organized in my house…even the one under the kitchen sink!

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