Friday, October 22, 2010

Giveaway over at Hip2Save!

If you are coming over from Hip2Save…Welcome! You are one step closer to creating a healthy home for you and your family! Send me an e-mail at….. healthy-solutions {at} hotmail {dot} com … find out how I can help you save even more money before placing your order!

Get_Clean_StarterKit_lo_rez What if I told you that you could remove the toxic cleaning products from your home and still be able to clean it effectively with Shaklee’s cleaning products? Would you be interested? How about if I told you that you could actually save money by using them? Using Basic H2 is even more affordable than using vinegar and other “homemade” cleaning products! Check out my “money-saving” post here.

I have never been impressed with the other “green” cleaners out there. I tried them out simply because I was able to get them very cheap or free…probably using Hip2Save to get the deals! So….I was a little skeptical when I decided to try the Shaklee cleaning products, but I was blown away by how great they worked! They have actually be shown in studies to work better than some well-known cleaning products available today!

For instance, many of the dishwashing detergent companies are switching their formulas over to be phosphate-free without letting the consumers know. Pretty soon, you may notice that the dishwashing detergent that worked great for years does not perform as well as it used to. Shaklee’s dishwashing detergent has always been phosphate-free…..and it actually works. I don’t have to pre-rinse my dishes or use a rinse agent and they come out spotless!!

banner_GetCleanKitchen Check out some of my results:

IMG_7165, edit IMG_7167, edit

IMG_6929, edit2 IMG_6930, edit2

IMG_6999, edit2 IMG_7007, edit2

It even works great for removing crayon, permanent marker, and other “stains” around the house. I had given up hope on getting these marks out until I used Basic H2: (first: Sharpie; second: dry-erase marker)

IMG_6680, edit2 IMG_6682, edit2

IMG_6672, edit2 IMG_6674, edit2

I’m so excited to be having a giveaway over at Collin’s blog, Hip2Save!! I have been following this blog for over 2 years now and have saved so much money by taking advantage of the deals that she has posted.

hip2save If I don’t have time to read all of the blogs that I normally read (which is almost all of the time), then her blog is the first one that I go to if I am headed to the store. I can quickly navigate to the info for the store that I am going to be visiting to see the latest deals that are available there! This is where I got the information to save over $56 at Rite Aid last month.

So…head over to Hip2Save to enter the giveaway (Hurry…this giveaway ends Monday, October 25th, at 6PM EST) and then check out some of the awesome deals that she has posted about. Become a follower of her blog to stay updated! You can even follow her on Facebook too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparing for flu season!

Flu season is quickly approaching! Here are some ways to protect you and your family when everyone around you seems to be getting sick!
1. Hand washing: This is one of the  best ways to prevent infection and illness. Make sure your kids wash their hands before school/daycare, after school/daycare, before eating, after play dates, etc…
Teach your children to sing “Happy Birthday” twice while using soap and before rinsing.
2. Keep hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth: Cold and flu viruses enter the body via the eyes, nose, and mouth so teach your children to keep their hands away from their faces. I have a toddler so I understand that this is a very difficult thing to do, but this just means that frequent hand washing is even more important! Also, teach your children to never share drinks with their friends!
3. Plenty of sleep:Sleep deprivation nearly doubles the risk of getting a cold or flu”.
4. Stay active: “Regular exercise can cut the number of cold and flu episodes occurring over the course of a year by 25 to 50 percent!”
5. Get the flu vaccine: The Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan found that 66% of parents have concerns about the safety of the flu vaccine. I know that I am bringing up a touchy subject for many people, and I completely understand that people have their own experiences/opinions/feelings about the flu vaccine, but this is my opinion. I am not saying that you have to agree with me and I am not going to “judge” you if you don’t. I respect everyone's right to have their own opinion!
Many people also believe that the flu vaccine can cause the flu. This is scientifically impossible since the vaccine contains a “dead” virus….. dead….meaning it can’t infect you. Period!
What about FluMist?? It contains a live virus, right? Yes….but it is a weakened form that has been engineered to remove the parts of the virus that make people sick. Many studies have actually shown that the FluMist is more effective than the flu injection. Also, FluMist does not contain thimerosal which is the ingredient in the flu injection that worry most people. Both of my girls will be getting the FluMist this year!
The CDC says that flu vaccine is the single best way to prevent influenza!
6. Healthy diet: A healthy diet can boost your immune system to help prevent infection and illness. A healthy diet needs to be in place before you get sick rather than waiting until you get sick. Include more colorful fruits and vegetables….they contain Vitamin C and D. Vitamin D has recently been shown in studies to help prevent the flu specifically….even H1N1! What if you have a picky eater? That brings me to my next point!
7. Vitamins: My 5 year old is a very picky eater. I know that she does not get all her nutritional needs from her diet! Also, many of the fruits and vegetables that we buy do not contain the amount of nutrients that we think they do. In most cases, they are grown thousands of miles away, picked before they are ripe, treated or frozen/canned. Many are grown in fields that are over-used and therefore the soil does not contain the nutrient level that it used to years ago. While I totally agree that we should maintain a healthy diet with the right amounts of fruits and vegetables, I still give my children multivitamins so that I know for sure that they are getting the vitamins and minerals that they need every day.

On that note, did you know that many multivitamins contain fillers such as coal tar, sawdust, and sand to bind them together?!? Yuck! Most children’s multivitamins contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives too.
kids vitamins
Shaklee’s children’s vitamins are different!
Shakleekids Incredivites is the first children's chewable multivitamin in the U.S. with Lactoferrin,  a nutrient also found naturally in breast milk and researched for its role in activating components of the immune system, which helps kids' immune systems stay supercharged. Packed with 23 essential nutrients, it's the world's best kids' supplement-with 600 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth, and 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins and vitamin C. Just two a day and off they play. Now that's incredible!
Some other facts about Incredivites:

  • Packed with 600 IU of vitamin D per serving for strong bones and teeth.

  • Provides 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin C, as well as all eight B vitamins, which are essential for a child’s development and the function of major bodily processes.

  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.

  • Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote cavities.

  • Gluten free

  • All-natural tropical punch, grape, and berry flavors 

  • For younger children (like my 2 year old), Shaklee has a multivitamin and multimineral powder that you can add to their juice cup every morning:
    baby vitamin
    • With 23 essential nutrients, it is the best infant and toddler multivitamin and multimineral supplement available
    • Provides a unique blend of clinically tested prebiotics to help support strong immunity
    • Each serving meets the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommended daily intake of 400 IU of vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
    • Can be used as an added source of nutrients during the transition phase from breast milk or formula to solid foods to ensure your little ones get nutrients they need
    • Pleasant-tasting powder mixes easily with water, juice, and food for added nutrition
    These vitamins (both the Incredivites and the powder) are whole-food based….the best source for your body to get nutrients.

  • For more information about the children’s vitamins that I use, visit my online Shaklee shop here.
    Become a member and save 15% off of Shaklee products for life!

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    So Long Spot Shot!!

    I have heard stories of how well Basic H2 works for cleaning carpets, but I hadn’t had a chance to try it until last night! Many people even use it in there carpet deep cleaners. I will definitely be trying it the next time I clean my carpets with my machine.

    My 5 year old was “playing in her room” yesterday afternoon. The funny thing is that she wasn’t actually playing in her room. She was in our upstairs hallway with a bottle of purple fabric paint. Yikes!

    IMG_7165, editShe tried her best to get it out of the carpet herself without telling me. She even tried using her toothbrush because she said it “scrubs really well!” When she decided that it was a hopeless cause and that the carpet would be purple forever, she decided to just hide it under a basket. 5 hours later….I moved the basket and discovered the paint! The paint was completely dry by that time.

    Never fear….Basic H2 is here! Instead of focusing on the fact that I now had purple carpet in a very visible area of our hallway, I decided to see what Basic H2 could do for me! Even I was amazed!!

    IMG_7167, edit  I have to admit that I was skeptical that it could take the dried paint completely out of the carpet. I thought that it might clean most of it up, but I thought that I would probably have to go back over it with some carpet stain removal or my carpet deep cleaning machine. I poured some water on the stain, added a few drops (yes…drops!!) of Basic H2 and just scrubbed the stain. I then used my compact carpet cleaning machine to just remove the water from the carpet. It really only took me about 5 minutes from start to finish and I was amazed at the results!!

    Did you know that the first aid instructions for Spot Shot include this:

    Inhalation (Breathing): Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration . If breathing is difficult, give oxygen and get medical attention.

    Really?? Artificial respiration and oxygen….just by cleaning a carpet stain??

    The chances of inhaling some of the chemicals when spraying it onto the stain are probably pretty high. I’m glad that I can now add this to the list of chemicals that I have been able to get rid of! I’m also thrilled that my carpet is no longer purple!!