Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Basic H2= “Liquid Gold”

BasicH2 image

Basic H2 from the Shaklee Get Clean line is my absolute favorite product so far. I have been so amazed by how well it works on so many different surfaces. It can be used on any washable surface….inside and outside! Here are just a few quick facts about it before I show you some results:

  • Non-toxic
  • Made from natural sources
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harmful fumes
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Not tested on animals
  • Rinse free, no residue
  • has a pH of 6.5 (right in the range of human skin)
  • Ultra concentrated!!

There are literally hundreds of uses for this product, but I am only going to “scratch the surface” of that and share the basics. Watch for future posts on my blog or on my Facebook page sharing some of the many ways to use liquid gold Shaklee’s Basic H2.

1. All purpose Cleaner: add 1/4 teaspoon to 16 ounces of water

2. Window Cleaner: add 2 drops to 16 ounces of water (that’s right….. DROPS!!)

3. Degreaser: add 1 1/2 teaspoons to 16 ounces of water

I use Basic H2 to clean my windows, mirrors, counters, floors, furniture, appliances (safe for Stainless Steel), pre-treat stains before laundering, and so many other things!

One of the first things that I tried the Basic H2 on was my windows. We have a full glass front storm door. Between my 2 kids, my husband, and my dog, this window needs to be cleaned on a daily basis! Since the window cleaner only calls for 2 drops of Basic H2 in 16 ounces of water, I was a little skeptical. I mean…how well would you expect 2 drops of cleaner to clean your windows?!? At that point, I felt like it was still just water in my spray bottle. Let me tell you….those are 2 powerful drops!! When I sprayed the solution on the window, it sprayed and looked just like water. The natural surfactants basically break the surface tension of the water and make the water “wetter”! This streak-free formula gave me clean windows without all of the harsh chemicals….like ammonia! They were so clean that the butterflies were running into my windows!

IMG_6999, edit2

 IMG_7007, edit2

Look at that clean glass… can even see her reflection in it!!

At first I was just using whatever rags I normally use for cleaning, but I recently started using the Shaklee Super Microfiber Window Cloth. I really didn’t think that it would make much of a difference, but I was wrong! This lint-free, ridiculously absorbent, washable, and reusable cloth makes all of my other cleaning rags seem useless when cleaning windows!

Next up…my stainless steel appliances:

Basic H2 is safe to be used on stainless steel and it gets the job done. Once again, 2 kids leave lots of fingerprints around my house. Here is the front of my stove on a normal day:

IMG_6912, edit2


IMG_6913, edit2

….my dishwasher…

IMG_6895, edit2

IMG_6988, edit2Say goodbye to your stainless steel cleaner… more cleaning product that you will no longer have to buy since Basic H2 will take care of that too!

I also use Basic H2 to clean my floors….

IMG_6916, edit2

IMG_6919, edit2

I had a bad experience in the past with cleaning products on my dining room table. I let some all-purpose cleaning product (not sure of the brand) soak on my dining room table for no more than 5 minutes. This is what happened:

IMG_6678, editIt completely took the finish off of our dining room table! I couldn’t believe it!! I had to be very careful every time I cleaned the table from that point on. Then Basic H2 came to my rescue! Here are some examples:

IMG_6927, edit2     IMG_6934, edit2

IMG_6929, edit2        IMG_6930, edit2

I left Basic H2 (mixed as an all-purpose cleaner) "soaking" on the dining room table for *20 minutes* just to see if it would affect the finish (since we already have to refinish the table anyways) and it wiped right off without damaging the table at all! I was sold!!

The day I received my Basic H2 in the mail, I went around the house in search of marks and stains to try and remove (we do not have a shortage of those around here). First up, dry erase marker on the dining room table courtesy of my 5 year old. Trust me, it doesn't come off as easily as it does on a dry-erase board! I scrubbed at these marks with my usual all-purpose cleaner and couldn't even get the marks to fade at all!

IMG_6672, edit2

I used *un-diluted* Basic H2 on a microfiber cloth:

IMG_6674, edit2

Once again….it did not damage the finish at all even though I had to scrub at it a little bit! Impressive!

About 2 years ago, my oldest daughter was left alone in her room for naptime with a Sharpie (thanks to my husband). The miracle is that this is the only mark that she made in her entire room...on her brand new bed though. I scrubbed and scrubbed with whatever all-purpose cleaner I happened to have at the time and I also tried using some alcohol wipes, but the mark only faded slightly. I thought about using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but I didn't want to ruin the finish on the bed so I just gave up.

IMG_6680, edit2

Basic H2 didn’t fail me….

IMG_6682, edit2

It took the mark right off without damaging the finish at all!  

I have been very lucky that I haven’t had to deal with any “coloring on the wall” fiascos….until my daughter was 4 (almost 5)…..seriously?!? Wasn’t that supposed to happen at 2 or 3? Either way, her masterpiece was a very small rainbow on her bedroom wall….could have been much worse.

IMG_6687, edit2

Un-diluted Basic H2 took it right off without taking off some of the paint like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser always seems to do!

IMG_6689, edit2

This is my rag after I finished going around the house removing the sharpie marks, the crayon marks, the dry-erase marks, and whatever random marks and scuffs on the walls and furniture that I happened to come across in my search. I am so impressed with all the uses for Basic H2!

IMG_6691, edit

It even helped me to recover from my 2 year olds birthday party which included lots of strawberries (and a 5 year old who decided to place her strawberry caps that she had removed cut-side down on my white tablecloth)…and lots of bright yellow frosting….

IMG_6721, edit2 IMG_6798, edit2

IMG_6723, edit2 IMG_6800, edit2

I have yet to be disappointed by any of the Get Clean products that I have used, but I have been especially impressed with the Basic H2.


williamsburg beader said...

Where do you buy these products?

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

You can go to my Shaklee website listed in my sidebar to view and purchase the products. Send me an e-mail at healthy-solutions(at)hotmail(dot)com and I can share some special offers with you to help you save even more money! Also, since it looks like you are in Williamsburg, I thought I would let you know that I will up at the Waterman's museum in Yorktown next Saturday for the colonial market! I will have many of my products with me for people to look at in person!

Anonymous said...

Will you have items for sale that day? like the basic cleaner for windows and de greasing? and the spray bottles?

thanks so much

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

Hi Pat! Send me an e-mail at healthy-solutions{at}hotmail{dot}com and we can discuss it via e-mail. Thanks! :)