Thursday, September 16, 2010

$5 Can Go a Long Way!!

Those of you that know me well know that I love to find a good bargain! I have been “couponing” for a couple of years now and have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It’s almost a competition for me to see how much I can save each time or how much I can get the store to pay me to buy things (yes, this is possible). Some of the people that I have met look very negatively at using coupons…..especially the “coupon nazis” cashiers! Ha! For those of you that don’t think you can truly save money by using those “measly” 30 cent and 50 cent coupons, I have something to show you:

IMG_7094, edit Without coupons, I would have had to pay $85 for all of that, but instead…..I used my measly coupons and paid……$4.93!!!

Last night, I was able to get all of this for $6.84! Without coupons it would have cost me $63.58…..

IMG_7095, edit The box of diapers alone is normally $20!

So….yes, those little coupons that don’t seem like so much by themselves can certainly add up to some BIG savings!


Allison Ackerman said...

Excellent work! said...

amazing! I hate coupons! I use them, but I find it such a chore.
thanks for linking up to my first party!

Andrea said...

OMG I was proud of myself til I saw this. Teach me everything you know!!!!!!!!!! Can I just follow you when you go shopping?!?!