Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Shaklee?

When I first decided to try the Shaklee products, I did not intend to become a distributor. I had researched and had found nothing but great things that were being said about the Shaklee products, specifically the Get Clean line (since that is what I was most interested in at first). I decided to just take a chance and order 3 of the cleaning products to try out for my own use. When I received Basic H2, Scour Off, and Basic G, I was so excited to try them out. When I realized how long the bottles of Basic H2 and Basic G could potentially last (since they are so concentrated), how great each product worked, and how easy it would be to protect my family from toxic chemicals in our home, I wanted to tell everyone I knew about them!
At that point, I realized that if I loved the products so much, I should try out becoming a distributor. I would never even consider promoting products that I couldn’t stand behind and that I wouldn’t love using myself. Shaklee offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they are so sure that their members will love the products that they receive!
I can’t wait to help other families like yours protect their health and save money on effective cleaners at the same time.

 As a registered nurse, I understand how important it is to follow and promote a healthy lifestyle. While genetics can and will play a role in our health, 80% of our health is dependent on lifestyle choices. I also understand that it is impossible to protect ourselves from everything considered harmful in our environment. It seems like every day on the news there are recalls and warnings of new dangers found in everyday products and food that we considered safe. We wear seatbelts to protect us from the chance of a car accident. We take cover in a safe place during thunderstorms. Why should we not do what we can to protect our families from toxic chemicals….especially since it is so cost effective? Don’t “put up with” the ineffectiveness of most “green” cleaners when you can have safe, effective, earth-friendly, AND affordable products from Shaklee.

I decided to start this blog in order to share my “discovery of Shaklee!” I am going to be honest with you on this blog and you will come to find that “being green” was never really a big priority in my life. If I ever chose to take a “green” approach to something, I usually had ulterior motives (usually to save money). I started using reusable grocery bags because they were easier to carry than the paper bags used at the commissary. I started using cloth diapers on my new baby a couple of years ago in order to save money on diapers.

Shaklee offers products that you can feel good about using while saving money at the same time! Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States. It has been in existence for over 50 years and has definitely stood the test of time.

Look for a post in the future explaining how Shaklee is working to protect and improve the environment.

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